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Why choose us

Excellent Location and Transport Connections

Being one of the nearest ‘downtown business English schools’ our central location makes us the perfect choice for professionals.  Our facilities is located a minutes walk away from Rondo-ONZ.

Personalized Education

We are able to adapt and provide for the individual needs of each and every of our valued client by setting appropriate but challenging targets for each individual. The use of effective assessment to create baselines and appropriate and tailor made learning program set us apart from others.

One-on-One Lessons

We arrange private lessons in which you can decide exactly what you want to learn. Lessons cover a wide range of particulars from working on your pronunciation and speaking to specific work-related topics, for example preparing for a specific meeting. This type of tuition is especially useful where clients have very particular needs or when they wish to learn very intensively.

Full Sixty Minutes

We always quote our lesson lengths in hours so that you can understand exactly how much of the trainer’s time you will get. Some schools’ lesson lengths are just 45 minutes unlike with us. Our academic hour is for full 60 minutes.


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For our valued clients we offer a wide range of free refreshments from coffee, tea and other snacks at our facility.

Visitation Service

Upon request our coaches will be able to arrange a visit to your desired location within the city of Warsaw to conduct the lessons. Private visitation will include transportation charges.

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